how to train a bangkok chicken military

Train Fighting Chicken Load Strength Train Fighting Chicken Load Strength

Train Fighting Chicken Load Strength – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, the following is an article that discusses how to train the weight strength of fighting chickens.

The muscles that the Bangkok chicken have can be formed easily, but you have to routinely care for and also train the chicken so that it can become a champion of the fight, whether it’s official or not.

The Bangkok chicken that has the potential to become a champion is of course the Bangkok chicken that has a dangerous blow. Of course, your Bangkok chicken stroke should be able to make your opponent lose or fall easily. Of course, if your Bangkok chicken has a blow like that, it will be very easy to make it a champion.

The following are some of the Bangkok Chicken Strike Strength Exercises that have been summarized:

  1. Provides muscle training to strengthen your Bangkok chicken legs. The method that is often done by the owners of fighting cocks is by giving a barbell to your two Bangkok chicken legs. There are also other ways such as pressing and pushing your fighting cock’s body down slowly. Make sure you take it slow and stop when your fighting cocks get tired.
  2. Train your Bangkok chicken stroke speed in an easy way. Usually fighting cock owners provide swimming and kiter training for their Bangkok chickens. This is so that the muscular muscles of the chicken have active movements so that the chicken looks more agile. Because at the previous stage of muscle building, the chicken will look stiff due to the weight training given. So in this speed training will return the movement to be more active. Swimming exercises can be done 3 times a week while for kiter can be done every day
  3. Give him jump practice the easy way. By pressing the chicken down and raising it up then throwing it upwards with the feet up. A high chicken jump will certainly be able to reach the opponent’s head when releasing a punch. In addition, this jump can avoid enemy attacks. So to train Bangkok chicken jumps, it is very useful so that our chickens are more superior when competing in the arena.